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Thanks to private donors, Bergen County Christian Academy has opened a brand new, state-of-the-art Technology Lab where students will have the opportunity to receive cutting-edge media courses.

The new Technology Lab consists of eleven iMac computers – with five more still on the way. This is exciting news for students, as the new iMac computers are installed with Apple’s newest M1 Chip. Apple shares that the “M1 is the most powerful chip we’ve ever made … they take iMac to entirely new levels of performance, efficiency, and security.” 

Given that Bergen County Christian Academy has adopted these technologies early in Apple’s release of them, the Technology Department is proud to share they are one of the first educational institutions to be using these tools. “This new Technology Lab will provide our students access to new curriculum in our Media/Technology Department,” said Mr. David Tierney, overseer of the new project. The Elementary School has already begun to add new courses, and the Middle and High School were able to expand existing courses to be thorough. Photoshop teacher Mr. Fred Miller shares, “The Lord has enabled us to outfit the lab with brand new Apple iMacs with current Adobe Photoshop software. Our new equipment makes teaching and learning a far more effective experience.” The new Technology Lab also provides the possibility of expanding our curriculum to provide new areas of study that we will be able to offer students in the future, based on student interest.

Bergen County Christian Academy’s academic mission mandates that the school maintain high standards of academic excellence. This new Technology Lab will ensure that students are receiving an education with cutting-edge technology and the curriculum that corresponds to it. One of the foundational courses in this new lab is Media Literacy. Only 14 states require public school students to learn media literacy; however, how teachers incorporate the topic varies state by state, according to Education Week. BCCA directly uses Media Literacy as a foundational course for the Media/Technology Department.

An official dedication ceremony will be held on a future date. For more information on this project or to donate to the ongoing fundraising project, please contact or call 201-487-7212.


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