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Nearly the entire high school participated in the Annual GSACS Fine Arts & Academic State Competition where students competed in a range of areas including: academic testing, essay writing, speeches, art, and music. 

In February, several of our students took academic tests, where they demonstrated their academic knowledge against other students in the state. On March 8th our Handbell Group and Choral Group traveled to Gloucester County Christian School, where they participated in the annual Music Festival. Despite it being the school’s first year returning to the GSACS Competition, both our Handbell Group and Choral Group placed third in the state!

Finally, on Friday, March 11, 2022, we sent several students to The Pilgrim Academy to compete in some speeches, musical solos, and artwork they have been working on. We are very proud of all of the students who participated in this competition!

Bergen County Christian Academy is happy to share that we placed second in our division! Additionally, we had several students place first in their respective categories, which means they are eligible to participate at the national level. BCCA will be taking seven students to compete at the AACS National Competition in Greenville, South Carolina next month.

The following is a list of students who placed at the state-level competition.

BCCA: Second Place in the Division A Category

1st Place:

  • Rebeca DeSouza, Senior (Acting Group)
  • Gardy Etienne, Freshman (Acting Group)
  • Crystal Kiltz, Sophomore (Acting Group)
  • Ruben Marcucci, Senior (Acting Group)
  • Veronica Roa, Sophomore (Acting Group)
  • Tia Schmidt, Junior (Acting Group)
  • Thomas Campione, Senior (Expository Essay Writing)
  • Celeste Reyes, Junior (Humorous Interpretation)
  • Matthew Wessel, Junior (Religious Reading)
  • Veronica Roa, Sophomore (Spanish Testing)
  • Matthew Wessel, Junior (U.S. History/Geography Testing)

2nd Place

  • Manuel Barreto, Senior (Physics Testing)
  • Isabel Guardado, Senior (Sacred Piano)
  • Erick Garcia, Sophomore (Spanish Testing)

3rd Place

  • Julie Jia, Senior (Advanced Math Testing)
  • Choral Group
  • Handbell Choir
  • Samuel McKinley, Senior (Instrumental String Solo)
  • Matthew Wessel, Junior (New Testament Bible Knowledge Testing)
  • Thomas Brigliodoro, Senior (Political Science/Economics Testing)

4th Place

  • Thomas Brigliodoro, Senior (Accounting Testing)
  • Crystal Kiltz, Sophomore (Biology Testing) 
  • Darnelle Cenac, Senior (New Testament Bible Knowledge Testing)
  • Kyla Amaro, Junior (Spanish Testing)

5th Place

  • Manuel Barreto, Senior (Advanced Mathematics Testing)
  • Everett James, Junior (Algebra/Geometry Testing) – 4 way tie
  • Julie Jia, Senior (Algebra/Geometry Testing) – 4 way tie
  • Tatiana Schmidt, Junior (Chemistry Testing)


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