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  • Mathematics & Science

    Through science experiences the children learn more about God's world. They are encouraged to explore materials, ask questions, look for answers, and make predictions. Experiments, cooking, and growing plants give the children experiences to think about and new words to put into practice.

    Mathematics learning is provided through activities in the daily program. Practical experiences in classifying, comparing, counting, and simple measuring are offered. Most mathematics experiences are done individually, recognizing each child’s level of understanding. A child will be encouraged to think about number and quantities of objects in ways that are personally meaningful. Many direct experiences for the child to work with objects will be provided.
  • Blocks

    Through building, the children learn to think, plan, and solve problems as they work with their hands exploring and creating with the various shapes and sizes of blocks. They learn about relationships and quantities as they build. The children work, share, cooperate, and converse while they play and learn with one another.
  • Sand & Water

    Young children enjoy and learn from both of these hands-on experiences. Through water, the children experience the properties of wetness, fluidity, floating and sinking, volume, etc. Through sand the children discover how properties of a material can change when used in a dry or wet state. Both media provide valuable experiences for science, socialization, and relaxation.
  • Table Activities

    Table activities offer the children an opportunity to develop thinking skills as they plan and solve problems while working with a variety of materials. Puzzles offer the children experiences with hand-eye coordination, and they help the children to see relationships between the parts and a whole picture. Children develop strategies of using color, shape or lines to fit pieces in the correct position. Matching games help the children to see relationships between things and to learn that things go together. Construction materials help develop motor skills, thinking skills, and social skills as they often lend themselves to creative projects done in cooperation with other children. Children also engage in sorting, classifying, and counting activities with many of the manipulative materials.
  • Physical Development

    Opportunities are provided to encourage both fine and large motor development. Indoors, the majority of experiences provide for fine motor development as the children work with manipulative toys (i.e. art materials, blocks, puzzles, etc.). Materials offered vary in size and complexity to meet individual learners needs. Outdoors, a well-equipped play area is provided for fresh air and recreation. Climbing equipment, swings, wheel toys, and a variety of accessories are available.

    A beautiful indoor gym provides children the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills. In this area more active play and exercise occur. A parachute, tumbling mats, balls, nets, and other equipment are included.

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