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Technology Department

The Elementary School’s use of technology supports our goal to provide children opportunities for academic, social, physical and spiritual growth from the first day to the last. One of the primary goals in each class is to inspire students to have a desire to acquire information and use critical thinking skills for self-discovery within the framework of the skills-driven, specified curriculum. Instructional strategies in the classroom are designed to animate the students’ curiosity and to elicit a desire to apply lessons to daily living.

Teachers provide instruction not only directly, but also through group activities, interactive learning games, and various hands-on manipulatives. Teachers in each grade level work as a professional learning community, meeting together to plan lessons. Interdisciplinary units integrating language arts, writing, literature, math, science, and social studies are commonly taught throughout the year. Many of the ancillary classes also tie lessons into the grade level units, providing students opportunities to build a relationship between the ideas presented from class to class. The standards and expectations for what students can accomplish are set extremely high. Our rigorous academic curriculum from K through 6th grade prepares students for Middle School and High School requirements. A head start for the best colleges begins early!

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