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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 140 credit hours is required for graduation. Subject-by-subject requirements are given in the following table. In subjects such as mathematics, BCCA may offer multiple tracts of study to help meet the diversity of needs amongst the students. Student placement in a particular tract of study will depend upon course availability, past student performance, and ability assessment testing (where applicable).

BCCA reserves the right of final approval for all students’ course selections. BCCA also reserves the right to omit courses from the curriculum when there is a lack of student interest.

Biblical Studies4 years of study required
English (Includes Critical Reading & Writing)4 years of study required
History (Includes Global & US History)4 years of study required
Science (Includes Biology, Chemistry, & Physics)4 years of study required
Mathematics (Includes Algebra I & II, Geometry, Pre-Cal, & Calculus)4 years of study required
Physical Education & Health4 years of study required
Secondary Language2 years of study required
Communication Studies1 year of study
Electives (based on availability)Varied years of study required

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