Christian School Myths

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MYTH 1: Christian Schools aren’t diverse.

Bergen County Christian Academy prides itself on serving a diverse student population. Our students come from all walks of life and reflect the demographics of Bergen County and it’s surrounding counties.

MYTH 2: A focus on character compromises academic performance.

Academic excellence is built on good character. When a student is self-disciplined and confident in their purpose in life, academic success almost inevitably follows. Our emphasis on character building ensures not only a firm foundation for academic achievement, it also enables our students to govern their talents and achievements in a healthy, productive, and compassionate way.

MYTH 3: Education is the job of schools, professionals, and the government.

At BCCA we firmly believe that parents are their children’s best teachers. Although parents’ educational opportunities often are passed on to other entities–public schools, professional teachers, peers, television, and other media–BCCA seeks to foster and restore the singular relationship between parents and children. Few things have a greater impact on our students’ success than when parents decide to take responsibility for their children’s education and get involved in our school.

MYTH 4: Students today simply aren’t interested in religion or God.

Students are all about the big questions. They want new experiences and are looking for answers to larger issues. Students come to BCCA in all stages of personal faith, but when our teachers provide the opportunity for them to seriously consider who God is and what He has for their lives, their response is one of great interest.